Advertising is a big way of promoting your lawn care business. Apart from good customer service which results in positive word of mouth and referrals, one needs to look at other avenues of advertising their lawn mowing business. With some methods being free and others being costly, you will need to decide on a budget and know what amount you are prepared to spend on advertising your new lawn maintenance business.

Here are some advertising avenues to consider:

The Web

Having a company website does not only give a professional outlook to your existing customers but also offers a means of advertising your service to thousands of people browsing the web. There are many sites to post classified advertising such as Craigslist and relevant local directories where you can list your service free or for a small charge. You can also exchange links with other websites of similar interest i.e. home services or cleaning companies who target businesses and residential houses.

Newspapers and magazines

It is definitely worth advertising in your local newspaper. This will reach readers in your local area, bringing in new business and enhancing your profile among your existing customers. Magazines although costly, can also be a good advertising option in the sense that one can choose a trade magazine to advertise in to reach their target market (a local gardening magazine for example).

Business Directories

Business directories such as the Yellow Pages are often the first place that people look when searching for a local service provider. These customers are ready to buy and they typically only call between one and three businesses before making a decision on which ones they want to meet with for further discussion. It is essential that you do everything to make your advertisement stand out from the others so that you get the calls.

Flyer’s and Pamphlets

Another good marketing approach would be to print some professional designed flyer’s or pamphlets and stick them under car window screens outside hardware shops and plant nurseries or your local grocery store. Giving them directly to customers is the best way if possible as it gives you a chance to chat to them and try to form a relationship.

Branding and Labeling

Be seen when you are out and about on your daily business. Get personalized magnets designed with your company logo and contact number for your vehicles. Ensure that your machinery and uniforms are labeled with your company branding.

The Media

Radio and television advertising can be very costly but could be worth every penny spent. Hundreds of people will hear your advertisement and associate you with your trade. Try and participate in radio talk shows that concern your business type and use competitions and specials to encourage people to contact you.

Competitions and Specials

Why not hold a competition for every person who signs a new contract. Prizes can include free services or other gifts. Competition stands can be put up at your local grocery store or garage.

Cold Calling

Another way to make a good impression is to call on houses or businesses in your area. Try and make an appointment to introduce yourself but if that is not possible, ensure that you are well presented and explain that you would like to leave your business card with them should they require your lawn mowing services in the future. Do not come across as being pushy or unprofessional.

Referral Rewards

Offer your existing clients a reward for every new customer that signs up as a result of their recommendation and referral. It could be cash or a discount on their service or whatever you feel would encourage your client to make the effort.

Fellow Business Contacts

Attempt to establish good relationship with other service businesses in your area such as pool maintenance business, pest removers, house cleaning services and window cleaners. Discuss a referral system with them whereby each of you can pass on the other’s business card to their existing clients.

There are many ways to advertise a lawn care business and you won’t have the budget to try every method right from the start. Start off by looking at what your competitors are doing as they have probably tested all the options over their years in business. Copy their methods but don’t copy the style of their campaigns so you stand the best chance of standing out in the marketplace.

If you try all of the various advertising methods for your lawn care business and test them to see which methods work well, then you will be well on the way to providing your company with a steady stream of inquiries that can allow your business to grow.

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